Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lunch Date or Family Reunion?

It's become our tradition on Friday's to have lunch with the kiddos at Allapatta.

This past Friday the Daddy's had the opportunity to join us.

It was quite the family reunion ~ I mean lunch date :)

Brian with Ethan & Madison
Brian and Ethan
Coral with her *favorite* Uncle (I can type this because its MY blog :)
Sadie, Madison and I

Sadie & Coral

Coral with her Daddy
Coral with her Mommy

And me with me little sister :)

***YES! I KNOW its tacky to bring your camera to your kids school and snap a bunch of photos. BUT I'm a mom who can't help but capture all those precious moments. However, I promise you and my kids the camera will STAY at home this Friday :-)


Christina said...

What wonderful pics!!! Thanks for sharing Jennifer.