Thursday, September 3, 2009

Never Say Never (Part 4)

I began to accept the whole Public School idea on the outside but on the inside I still secretly hoped both Brian and the Lord would see things My Way.

Instead, the Lord brought families to me who were in the Public School System. Families who thrived in their walk with the Lord, families who testified that some of their proudest moments of their children were in the Public School System because they saw their kids openly share Christ with others.

He also brought my sister from PA whose daughter would be going to the same school. And He moved a friend from Palm Beach Gardens to PSL and 2 of her children would be attending the same school.

He also opened doors and got us into the exact school with the exact teachers and principal He revealed to Brian weeks prior.

I could not deny the work of the Lord.

He continued to draw me close to Him and hold me tight as my childlike kicking and screaming melted into a weak, humbled and surrendered child of God. In His embrace I felt my heart began to slowly soften...

And I began to fully accepted His will. I no longer fought Him or my husband.

That same week He put Brian and I on a plane to Peru with 23 other individuals from our church.

It was supposed to be a mission trip for the Peruvians. But it turned out to be a mission trip for my Spirit.

It was in Peru that the Lord revealed so much more to Brian and I. He revealed my sin, my complacency, my staleness. He revealed my potential. He revealed His great love for me. He revealed His love for ALL people. Far and near.

He reminded me that there are mission fields everywhere. There are people all around us (even PSL) that do not know Jesus. People that don't know that the Lord is alive and active still today. People that don't know He IS coming back. And He will claim those that are His.

He reminded me that HE has been far removed from the Public School by our Government. And that the mention of His Name has become Taboo.

He revealed to me that His only way into that "mission field" was through Christians who were called and willing to go.

He asked me if I would pop my protective bubble, step out in faith and boldly seek first Kingdom of God and His righteousness....

He asked me if I would follow Him. If I would trust Him...If I would be obedient....

(the rest tomorrow)


Kelly said...

Jen, what a great testimony! What He has revealed to you about sending people out into our own backyards, i.e. public school, is so true. I just think about what Sadie took to school her first week ... her bible! She is following after her mommy and daddy. You will be absolutely fine through this journey.

Jen said...

Thank you Kelly!! :)