Friday, June 13, 2008

Cast Be Gone

As most of you know, Sadie broke her arm by falling not once but TWICE from the monkey bars. We aren't sure which of the two falls actually broke her arm but after a trip to Urgent Care, serval x-rays and LOTS of guilt we learned Sadie's arm was indeed broken!! She picked out a beautiful purple cast, had all of her family, friends and many fans sign her cast which she proudly wore for 3 weeks! Oh and by the way, this cast did NOT slow her down one bit. She continued to swim (with her cast tightly wrapped and bagged), she still climbed the monkey bars, played in the "woods" and managed to paint and eat all with her left hand!!! Well, on Tuesday 6/10 just before we headed to Disney we stopped at her ortho for a check up. The x-ray revealed the arm had healed and the cast was ready to come off. YEAH!!!