Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gainesville Day 2

Yesterday we went to the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo here in G'ville. This is one of my favorite zoos because it is run by students who are studing to be someone important to animals. They give you a personal tour of the zoo and they stop at each exibit and share EVERYTHING there is to know about that animal with you. It's GREAT! Ethan's favorite were the monkey's and Madison's favorite were the snakes. YUCK!

After the zoo we came back to the hotel for lunch and a swim. Then I took Madison for her first mani/pedi. For those of you that know Princess Madison you know just how much she enjoyed that and just how much trouble I'm in now. :-)

I took pics to share with you but I forgot the picture thingy to upload the photos so I will need to edit this post with pics when I get home.

Goodbye for now.


Nicci said...

I have always wanted to try out that zoo.

Bella's mama said...

It sounds like you guys are having an amazing time. The zoo there sounds awesome. I will have to stow away next year and go!!!!

See you tomorrow,