Friday, June 6, 2008

clothe His children

My friend Jill owns Boomerang consignment store ( here in PSL. Jill knows my heart for orphans and my desire to minister to adoptive families so with my vision and her generosity we created a ministry to clothe His children. Each week Jill DONATES any and all of the stores unsold items. These items range from strollers, pack & plays and walkers to boppy's, and toys, books and games, not to mention clothes galore. You name it this store has donated it! Jill's generosity has blessed families and orphans not just here in PSL and throughout the United States but also as far as Guatemala, Haiti and Russia. Should you or anyone you know be in need of this ministry or if you are traveling to meet your child and would like to bring a clothing donation to the caretakers please reply to this post. For those of you that are local and have not been to Boomerang Consignment yet I highly recommend that you check it out. Jill is an amazing women with a heart the size of Texas and runs one CLEAN & ORGANIZED consignment store.

Jill, I would just like to personally and publicly thank you for who you are and for partnering with me and believing in my vision. I adore you!!


Jill said...

Hi Jen - just wanted to let you know that your entry really touched me (as I told you on the phone) and I was really proud so I forwarded a link to my parents so they can be proud too :) I think we make a good team and I look forward to being friends with you for life! love jill

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen (and Jill). I bought some clothes from her shop several months ago and plan to make another trip soon. I LOVE her store! Very clean, neat, and organized. And she is a dynamite person just like you, Jen. Congrats and I think what you're both doing is awesome!!

Heidi Reed