Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I am married to one SUPER dad who also happens to be one AMAZING husband! Brian, I could not have asked for a better partner to spend my life with or man to raise our children. You are everything I could have ever hoped, dreamed or imagined. Today we honor and thank you for who you are and for all you do for our family. WE LOVE YOU!!

I also have a fantastic Father whom I LOVE and CHERISH! Dad, thank you for always being there, for believing in me and supporting me and all my crazy ideas. For encouraging me when I was afraid and comforting me when I was sad. Dad, I love you and I wish you the happiest of Father's Day's.

And to the WORLD'S GREATEST FATHER IN LAW. What can I say? I'm stronger because of you, not SO sensitive because of you, I have a better sense of humor and of course I have MUCH thicker skin all because of you. Thank you for the years of torment, torture and endless "pick on Jen" moments. I TRULY love you and miss ALL of that when you are not here. :-)

And Finally, my Heavenly Father. The Father that grants me not just forgiveness for my sins, peace in my sorrow, and hope in my future He grants me ENTERNAL SALVATION spent with Him. WOW! Father God, THANK YOU!! Thank you for my blessed life, thank you for Who you are and thank you for making me who I am.

Happy Father's Day to all of you Dad's out there.


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day, Brian.

Heidi Reed & Family

Jen said...

Thanks Heidi - we hope your man has a GREAT day too :-)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post~!