Monday, June 16, 2008

G'ville Day 1 - Speech Camp

When we adopted our oldest daughter Sadie from Russia in 2004 she had an unrepaired isolated cleft palate. Her cleft was repaired in 2006 at Shands Medical Center in G'ville (an AMAZING hospial). And since her repair she has been in intense speech therapy 90 minutes a week and she attends a week long speech camp annually. Well today was the day I dropped my little (yet SO big) girl off at camp. This year they changed the rules a bit. In past we were able to vist daily and have dinner with Sadie and the other campers. This year however parents are not aloud to do that. The daily seperation can be difficult and it can also be hurtful to the children whose parents were not able to come...So, although I understand I am SO bummed!! Thankfully we bought Sadie a cell phone that allows her to call me, Brian and Nana. So at least we can talk often. For now, I'm just hanging out by the pool at the hotel in G'ville with Ethan & Madi and my mom and enjoying some R & R but I'm already missing my Sadie Baby. :-(!


Anonymous said...

That breaks my heart just reading it. I leave for ohio in 2 days. I will only be gone for 2 days and I am absolutely dreading the separation from my husband and children. I just can't wait until Sunday when I get home. Try to enjoy the time with the other two. Ugh! It's so hard. :(