Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Prayer Request

Brian is in Orlando today taking a big exam (as I type). Since the exam was this morning he headed up there yesterday. Around 6:30pm last night he took a break from studding and went to dinner. While at dinner his car was broken in to (in broad daylight!). Somebody smashed his passenger window and stole his brief case- which contained his pay stubs, his social security #, ministry checks for foreign missions, a check book and many other important documents. They also got his GPS unit.

PLEASE pray for the person/people that did this. They are obviously in a state of desperation! Please pray a special blessing upon them. That they would have their needs met, fears overcome, peace restored and that they would look to the Lord who LOVES THEM and longs for them to trust Him. My heart aches for these people I can not imagine what they might be going through….

Also please be in prayer for my husband. He has been preparing for this exam for months and for the last week it has completely consumed him. Unfortunately this event has his head in many other places right now.

The windows that were smashed cost “less” than our car insurance deductible and the items that were stolen from Brian’s car are “less” than our home owners insurance deductible…so that is all out of pocket with the added pressure of his identity possibly being stolen he needs A LOT of prayer to stay focused and concentrated on this exam!

Many Thanks in advance!!!


Anonymous said...

Well as much as I did NOT want to pray for the intruder, I did. I also said a prayer for Brian.


Jen said...

Thank you Heidi :-)

Bella's momma said...


I was so sad to read this. Rest assured we pray for you and your family on going. Please give Brian a hug from us~ and tell him how sorry we are that he had to go through that.

Love you,


PS Last night was WONDERFUL. We almost called, because of how very tired I was~ I will forever be grateful that we were there!

PSS Thank you for supporting me with WW

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.. That is horrible.

Babs said...

I was traveling through from one blog to another and happened on your blog, very nice by the way.
I read your prayer request and wow,I was not expecting that. I know of turning the other cheek but never thought about it quite like that. (where have I been?)I know better.
I am guessing the test is over by now but I'm aware that the person that broke the window and stole things is still wandering around probably stealing from someone else. I would hope not in a perfect world but.....
I will pray for whoever it was like you asked initially. I happen to live in the Orlando area.
Also, I hope the money is raised soon for the little boy, what an adorable little one.