Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Boy And His Toy

After a hard day's work the boys went for some R & R....

As soon -literally as soon - as Ethan walked through the back door grinning from ear to ear he told Sadie that "if she was really really good and asked Daddy he would buy her a *pink* one!"

Sadie ran to Daddy to confirm the rumor and guess what??? IT'S TRUE! She is SOOOOO excited.

What exactly is going on here and when exactly did I loose control??? :-)


Stephanie said...

WOW!! Look at Ethan. He's not a little boy anymore. Jenny you need to get the control back. LOL
I have a computer again. yaaaaa

Stephanie said...

WoW! Ethan isn't a little boy anymore. What happened. He likes so big targeting. Jenny you need to take back control. LOL

Anonymous said...