Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas with Friends

After the Christmas Party at school we headed to Oxbow Nature Center where we met our friends

Our families hiked Oxbow and celebrated our "Christmas" on top of highest observation Tower.

Ethan was of course in all his glory, leading the pack with his backpack and map - missing only his binoculars. The Ancewicz boys along with Sadie and Kelli followed suit and lead us down trail after trail.

Madison earned her name 'Hollywood' by reminding us the whole time that she was not so into this hiking thing. She was rather...itchy, tired, hot, thirsty etc. But then in traditional Madison fashion her mood changed on a dime. The instant she saw a turtle she became giddy and happy and we even got a little laugh and a pep in her step. :-)

It was truly a great time with great friends and I'm looking forward to our next adventure :-)