Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday's Treasure

This week's installment of Tuesday's Treasure is dedicated to the cute things kids say.

Yesterday I was driving the kids home from school and Ethan begin asking me all of these questions about heaven. Will we eat there? Will we know each other there? Will he see his big dog there (Taz - died 3 years ago). Lots of questions and I was so excited about this very special conversation I was having with my son. When all of a sudden he says "I don't want to go mommy". "I don't ever want to go to heaven".

So naturally I asked why? And this is what my 6 year old said....

"What if I'm walking and there is a hole in a cloud and I don't see it - I will fall all the back to earth and that's a long way mommy". "I don't want to fall".

Oh my word....any spiritual "wisdom" I had intended to share with my maturing son went right out the window.

It took everything out of me to keep my composure and just say "honey, I think you'll be able to fly in heaven".

Thankfully, that worked.

Here's hoping I do much better at the next go around when my children come to me with deep spiritual topics of discussion.


Anonymous said...

That is adorable! Brianna told me weeks ago that she doesn't want to go to heaven because she doesn't want to be crucified like Jesus was. I stumbled over that one, but assured her that people don't get crucified anymore. Yikes!


Michelle said...

Nice morning pic! You should take a look at mine ... not so pretty. :) http://medytations.blogspot.com/2008/12/candid.html