Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Brian

Today is my Man's birthday - he's 36 - shhhh DON'T tell. Isn't he cute :-)

Unfortunately he's in CT (brrrr) for business and won't be able to celebrate until Thursday. But you know us - the festivities have already began.

He conned me into giving him one present last month - a new watch and then another on Saturday night - Batman.

Such the kid... :_)

Miss ya babe! Hurry home.


Christina said...

Happy Birthday Brian! Guys are the worst when it comes to gifts...lol

Christina, Jeremy, Devon, Tori and Haley

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Brian!
Love Nicholas
(Mommy, Vinny, Sal and Kelli too)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and he's older than me. Yes!!! Only by a few months, but so what -- older is older.

Heidi Reed

Livin' out loud said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!!
Jen, we love your family...and your blog is no exception, so I have elected you for an award, really hope you'll accept!!