Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cookies and Cocoa

My friends http://thegrandstaffs.blogspot.com/ have an annual Cookies and Cocoa party. All their friends come and share good times over good coffee, cookies and cocoa. Its truly a grand time.

Well this year as Brian and I were preparing to go to Christmas Party after Christmas Party the kids asked if they could please have a Christmas party for all of their friends.

So of course I said "of course!" And I borrowed my friends idea - no point really to reinvent the wheel, right?!

So the Growing Garcia's hosted their very own Christmas Party yesterday. They cleaned before hand, planned the menu and helped prepare the food.

There were roughly 50 people here.

The kids had SO much fun!! They played indoors, outdoors, on the vacant land and on the park. Some hung by the cookies and cocoa. And others wanted to brave the pool. It was spectacular.

It was scheduled to be "mid afternoon" party. However, the festivities began when the first guest arrived at 10am and it ended when the last guest left at 11pm! Yep a 2 hour party actually went for 13 hours!!!

And guess what? I have NO - I repeat NO pictures!!! I'm shocked. Me - NO PICTURES!!

So those of you reading - that came - and TOOK pictures - would you please forward them to me?


Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Merry Christmas Dear Friend.

I love you!!!