Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday's Treasure

This Tuesday my "Treasure" is all about 3 amazing women whom I have never met.

These women have enriched my life in ways indescribable.
These women have loved more and sacrificed more than I will ever humanly comprehend.
These women were probably condemned, judged and humiliated...and STILL
These women chose the hard road for the good of another.
These women are the Birth Mothers to my 3 fearfully & wonderfully made children.
These women aloud my children to be knitted in their womb knowing they'd call another mom.
These women have fulfilled my life's desire.
These women have brought me joys, tears, a heart of Thanksgiving and compassion.
These women have completed me while leaving a void in themselves.
These women are hero's to me.

I am eternally thankful for these women. It is my hope and prayer that one day I am personally able to hug them and thank them for a wonderful life, wonderful children and the opportunity to be something I never would have been with out them - A MOM!


Anonymous said...

How absolutely beautiful. I am crying.