Friday, March 13, 2009

Goodbye's SUCK

I'm sorry but there is just no other way to say to it!

My friend Dawn, her husband and their 4 precious children (whom I love with my whole heart) have moved to far away Maryland. :-(

This past week was the best and the worst weeks of all time for me. I dedicated all day every day to helping them pack and get ready for the big journey. And making sure I squeezed in as much quality time as possible.

Today Dawn and I were literally exhausted. The weeks work and emotional suppression had caught up with us. We were sitting on the floor of the living room holding one of the last pictures that needed to be bubble wrapped when Autumn sat in my lap to snuggle. Oh how I loved that moment. We snuggled for just a few minutes until I felt my emotions creeping in. There was still lots of work to do and I knew it was a terrible time to loose it.

So I said to Autumn, "come on honey I gotta get back to work before your momma fires me". And Autumn with all her authority stood up, pointed her finger at me and said "You're Fired! Since I no longer had a "job" she proudly sat back on my lap to snuggle.

This was one of my favorites memories from the week. Another being Lily bug FINALLY allowing me to hold her and love on her and Aaron's juicy kisses and Kya making me a sweet good bye card....

Oh man goodbye's really do SUCK!

Clark Family, I miss you already!!! I am praying God's blessing on your family, safe travels, a sweet homecoming to your new place, an early Spring, lots of new friends, a great church and a visit soon.

Much love, big hugs and we will SEE YOU SOON!!!


Livin' out loud said...

I know what you mean, we were just getting to know each other!!!

Katie (and Tony) said...

I found Dawn's blog through yours or Krista's. I have been checking it regularly since Feb 20th. When you talk to her next, please let her know I have been thinking and praying for them. I had NO idea a move was in the works.


mom2four said...

I miss you too my friend/sister. Leaving you is like leaving behind a part of me and it does suck. I love my husband and I love my Lord but they need to get me back to you and Krista so this brain and heart can function again.