Monday, March 16, 2009

Uncool and Not Nice, hmmm...

I'm having some trouble with all 3 of my children and their dirty clothes. Their dirty clothes are EVERYWHERE except in the laundry room.

I find them under the bed, under the dresser, in the closet, in the toy boxes, in the yard, in the car, in the bathroom, in my room. Today I even found them in my kitchen. For the love of.....what do I have to do???

Today after school I instructed all of the kids to change from their school clothes to their play clothes and I added "PUT YOUR DIRTY CLOTHES IN THE LAUNDRY"! In return I hear "Yes ma'am"

A few minutes later I notice the kids are outside playing having a grand time. I checked the girls room "just to see" and guess what? Yep! THEIR CLOTHES ARE ON THE FLOOR!

I quickly call them in to rectify the situation which they promptly do.

Later it was time for gymnastics so I asked the girls to change from their play clothes to their leotards. I told them their clothes were not dirty and I asked them to put them back in their dresser.

Well you are not going to believe where I found their play clothes. Are you ready? ON THEIR FLOOR!!!

So again, I call them and again they quickly make their wrong right.

Off to gymnastics we go.

Once home, it's time for their shower.

After their shower I went to the rest room and...Oh, I'm sure you know what I found. THEIR CLOTHES -- ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR.

So now I'm done! Spent! Over it!

I call the girls in for a family meeting. I tell both girls they are going to bed early tonight and then I said "if I EVER see another article of clothing on the floor again I am sending you to school butt naked, do you understand me?"

And Sadie says (she is TOTALLY serious with tears in her eyes) "NO MOM! You can't do that. If you do everybody will think I am uncool and that you are not a nice mom."

Hmmm, do I want that? I mean if it gets the clothes off the floors and in the laundry basket it seems almost tempting...

After much laughing (I mean serious thought) I'm no longer mad about the clothes. Why? Because Sadie gave me some good blog material :-).