Saturday, March 21, 2009

We are the Champions

Whew! What a season....

Nearly undeafeated this season we went up against our toughest competion for 3rd season in a row for the Championship.

And, well, you know what they say about the "3rd time being a charm". It's true.

We were up, then they were up. Then we tied. Then they were up. Then it RAINED...A LOT! The game went on - we were up, then they were up again. It rained harder!! It was the LAST 36 seconds of the game and they were up. Did I mention it was raining - HARD. It was our ball and Dominick ran - the whole field - and scored a touch down. The winning touchdown!!

WE WON! After 3 amazing seasons. The Tigers now hold the #1 title for the season.

What a ride.

Meet the TIGERS! This team really ROCKS!!
Ethan and Dominick

Ethan with Coach K

My boy. Proudly showing off his trophy's.