Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why Uncles are sometimes more fun than parents....

So Uncle Patrick was here yesterday and he owns a motorcycle.

Ethan is ALWAYS so excited when Uncle Pat makes the journey from Boynton to PSL on his Motorcycle and today was no exception.

Well it sort of was an exception because this time Ethan was invited to go on a ride. Emphasis on "a" ride. 20 minutes and 20 laps later Ethan was STILL on the motorcycle.

He came off only to "share" the thrill with his sisters. After they each had their lap he quickly jumped back on and rode until....his daddy got wind of what was going on.

Here are a few pics before we told daddy.

Here's Ethan in all his glory

Yep, that's crazy Sadie - no hands!!! (that might be what freaked daddy out)

Or it maybe discovering that Princess Madison has a wild side is what sent him over the edge.

Not really sure. But what I do know is uncle Pat is a hero in our house... :-)