Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today, like all days past on this vacation Brian made a full blown breakfast buffet. Oh, how I love vacation and much appreciated break from cooking!!

After breakfast we headed to Marineland. Where we got to touch and feed Nellie. Nellie is a world famous dolphin. She is the oldest to ever live in human care. Nellie was born at the center and she is now in her 50's.

It was a special treat to meet and greet such a celebrity but she was quite fragile and well...blind. We were given instructions to throw the fish directly into her mouth. The kids and Brian managed to accomplish this task. I however failed MISERABLY and the poor old blind dolphin had to go swimming to find her food. :-(

When it was time for the rub down we were able to rub her belly, her back, her tail everything BUT THE EYES. Somehow I missed that memo too and poked the poor old blind dolphin in the eyes and had to be "reminded" by a trainer. I was mortified to say the least!!!

All and all though it was quite the experience. :-) Sorry no pics - cameras were not aloud.

I do have this one of the kids being gobbled by a shark though.