Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sadie's Baptism

Today was one of my most favorite days in all of my 34 years.

Not only was my sweet daughter Sadie baptized and one of my dearest most cherished friends but so were more than 40 others.

The Lord's presence was indeed here and we know the heavens were rejoicing as each individual professed their faith and their desire to walk more closely with the Lord.

I will cherish this day for as long as I live.

*remember to pause my music below before pressing play on the video.


Anonymous said...

We love you sadie and very happy your heart, body and soul are with Jesus.

Love aunt stephanie, uncle curtis, coral, canyon and chason

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer,
Please give Sadie the biggest hug ever! We are so proud of her! What a beautiful testimony, I know the joy, what a joy! I don't get the whole blog thing, I looked to respond on their but could not figure it out. O' well, that is probably why I don't have one, LOL! It would be a lot easier to post messages and pictures, but for now, I guess e-mail is the way to go for the Sanders family:) Hugs and blessings to all of you, love and miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Praise Jesus! What an awesome day! We are so happy for Sadie.

Heidi Reed said...

40 others???!!!! That is awesome!!

Congratulations Sadie, darling, and welcome to the "family" sweetheart.

Christina said...

What a blessing!!! I love to see children grow closer to our God it is such an amazing thing. Congrads to Sadie!!!!

Love the Colby family
Christina Jeremy Devon Tori and Haley