Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where do babies come from???

This post is dedicated to our friends Dave & Amy.

Amy recently posted on Facebook that she was "expecting".

Brian happened to be walking by as I read her post and so naturally I shared this great news with him.

Little did I know that would lead to a big huge Father/Son conversation between Ethan and Brian.

Here's a recap:

Ethan: Aiden's and Drew's mommy has a baby in her tummy?
Mom: Yep, isn't that exciting?
Ethan: Are they happy or sad?
Mom: Happy of course Ethan, this is great news news.
Ethan: But now she can't eat...
Mom: Sure she can honey
Ethan: But what if the food gets all over the baby?
Mom: Oh baby, can you talk to daddy about this - I need to upload these pictures.

*The rest of the story is from Brian and Ethan...

Ethan: Daddy how will the baby come out of Ms. Amy?
Daddy: She'll push it out
Ethan: Like she'll go poop?
Daddy: (laughing hysterically) No Ethan, she'll get some really bad pains and she'll push from her tummy and it will come out.
Ethan: but how?
Daddy: (completely mortified) from her vagina.
Ethan: (completely serious) and then they'll take it out of the toilet?
Daddy: (trying hard NOT to loose it). Oh no Ethan, Ms. Amy and Mr. Dave will go to the hospital and a doctor will help them deliver the baby.
Ethan: So when Ms. Amy pushes really hard does the baby pop out and go flying through the air?
Daddy: No, the doctor will lay Ms. Amy down and help the baby come out. After that he will give the baby to Ms. Amy to hold.
Ethan: Oh (leaves room)
Ethan: (enters the office where I am) Mom, I know how Ms. Amy's baby is going to come out of her. Then he proceeds to tell me the above story.

Dave and Amy we are SO excited for you and your growing family but we could have done with out the sex ed talk here. :-)


Dave and Amy Carroll said...

i am completely laughing and mortified at the same time!!!!! hahaha. poor brian.

Nicole said...

Congrats to Amy, so when are you moving here?

Congrats to Brian, when I was pregnant and Vinny asked why did I eat Sal, I left it at that.....