Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Emergency Extraction

Sounds interesting, huh?

Well it was more like freighting!!!! On Friday night I started to get a tooth ache. And because I had such an amazing 2 weeks ahead of me I was in complete denial.

By Saturday the pain was so bad Brian ran to Walgreen's to get me the strongest over the counter meds available.

Sunday came and I was STILL in denial but heavily drugged! By Sunday night (even with all the meds) I was in SO much pain my friend Amy insisted I see a dentist in the morning before I left for my 2 week vacation.

On Monday when I woke up my face was SO swollen I looked like someone else so I broke down and made a dentist appointment....

Here is where I need to pause my story and give thanks! My dear friend Nicole is like a 2nd mom to my kids she NEVER says no and is ALWAYS there for me when I am in a pickle! She was dealing with her own ordeal but still made arrangements to look after my kids while I headed to the dentist. THANK YOU NICOLE! You are an amazing friend and I truly cherish you!!

So now I am at the dentist and in so much pain I am delirious. The dentist tells me I have a serious infection and I need an emergency extraction! He says his Oral Surgeon will not be in for a week and I need the tooth out NOW. He proceeds to tell me that if I continue to ignore the infection that it is going to close off my windpipe! I'm totally freaking out at this point and all alone!! (Brian is out of town on business)

I called the Oral Surgeon and he agreed to do the extraction that afternoon but insisted that I have to sedated because of the infection and severe swelling. Now, I need a driver!

Thankfully my mom (another amazing gift and cherished friend) was available. She drove me to my appointment and stayed with me for the extraction. Then brought me and the kids back to her place for the night. She and my dad nursed me back to health and entertained my children. THANK YOU MOM & DAD!!!

This morning although still swollen and in a lot of pain I feel 100 times better and truly blessed to be surrounded by such loving, caring and thoughtful friends and family!! Thank you to all who called my mom for updates and well wishes.


Stephanie said...

I'm so glad your feeling a little better. I'm sorry I didn't know how bad it was. I love you and am thinking of you. talk to when you feel a lot better.

Bella's momma said...

Oh my dear friend,

I hated reading this, this morning. You poor thing!!!

If there is anything, ANYTHING that I can do to help you out ~ call!!! Please

I love you,


Dave and Amy Carroll said...

i am so glad you took care of it! we had our own dentist "fun" on monday. so are you in orlando yet, chilling by the pool? have a great vacation- not in pain!

Little Patch of Heaven said...

I am glad you are feeling better. We received the phones yesterday. You are amazing. I hope that each day is better and glad that you have a close group of family and friends.

Jen said...

Thank you all!!!

Yes Amy, we are in Orlando. The kids and I headed up here this afternoon. The hotel and pool are great and its nice to all be together again. BTW, We had SO much fun with you guys Sunday!!!

I'm glad you got the phones. I'll send more as I get them. How long will you be collecting them for?

Steph & Krista - Much Love!!!