Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pictures - Nassau

Ahh, our final (and least favorite) destination. I am SO thankful we and our kids had this opportunity and I truly enjoyed every minute and experience of this cruise EXCEPT our time in Nassau.

That could have been because we were "taken" within our first few minutes of being there...

We knew all along that we wanted to let the girls braid their hair in the Bahamas. Especially Madison because her hair is so short that I can not braid it yet.

So as soon as we got off the boat and the locals asked if we wanted to braid the girls hair we all got excited and said "yes". I told them I wanted to do just the front around the face. Several other little girls had it done that way and it looked really cute. They told me $3 a braid and I thought that was REALLY high. But I swallowed it knowing I was in a touristy area and it was better to pay $3 a braid than to venture into town to look for a deal.

So we all sit down and two women started combing and parting the girls hair and they both start telling me I should do the WHOLE head and that they will do big braids and it will look SO cute. I try to tell them that it will be a lot of braids and very expensive but they keep insisting they will do big braids and "they take care of me". Well I'm a DUMB tourist. I never asked what that meant. I didn't settle on a price before I said ok. I just wanted my girls to "experience" the Bahamas. Well $300 later (Yep! $300), a panic attack and a quick exit here are some pictures of my girls and their Bahama experience.


During - they DO look happy

And finally - a $300 hair do. I still want to throw up when I think about it!


Nicole said...

Will they have their new hairdo's for the first day of school? Am I still picking you up Monday?