Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The kids and I made it to Orlando yesterday afternoon. And today I'm feeling SO much better. The antibiodics must be working because most of all the swelling is gone which means I no longer look like a chipmunk as my dear friend Nicole likes to tease :-) And I only needed 3 of my 20 pain meds. PTL!

The hotel is pretty nice. The kids love the pool and the take me "exploring" a couple times a day. Up and down ALL the stairs and in and out of all the elevators. I don't remember that kind of stuff being fun when I was kid but they sure enjoy it.

Tonight Brian brought us to Lobster Feast. He said he has ALWAYS wanted to go there. I hate buffets so I wasn't thrilled but being the loving, caring and giving wife (gag :-) I strive to be I accompanied him...He ate 5 really 5 lobsters! No sides and nothing else just 5 lobsters oh and then 3 deserts. When we left I asked if it was everything he hoped it would be and he "yes" but that he would probably never go back - he said he had his fix. hmmmm? ok!!

Tomorrow will be another chill out day and then Friday we have friends driving down from Jax to visit - YEAH :-)

I have to say I really like these kind of vacations. So relaxing and I don't feel like a need a vacation from the vacation. The only thing that would make it better was if Brian wasn't working during the day :-(