Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lots of Pictures

It's been a quiet week here at the Growing Garcia's...So I decided to bomard you all with some of my most favorite pictures/memories over the years. Enjoy :-)

Our newest favoite memory - our Eastern Carribean Cruise

Madison's is a self professed Pepe's Girl. We spent a weekend at River Ranch with my parents and some friends.

Madison on her 5th birthday. It was fit for a princess.

Sadie with Pop Pop - Good Times spent in a beautiful cabin with both sets of grandparents!!

Daddy's are SO much fun!!

Sadie with HER Nana :-) Out to breakfast

Sadie ate this WHOLE ice cream and then drank a milk shake!!!

Look out world - Madison means business

Pop Pop is still a kid a heart!



Did I mention - Daddy's are SO much - mommy would NEVER do this!!!

Ethan wants a brother so bad - he'll dig himself to China if he has to :-)

Let me out!!!!

Captain Ethan

Really Daddy - I'm sorry!


Christina said...

those pics were really adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really precious pics.

Katie (and Tony) said...

I have felt so out of touch on my blog reads! I don't have any of my blogs with me here. I finally got to you. Love the pics through the years!