Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay - UPDATE

You can probably tell from these pics we had some fierce wind and LOTS of rain - no thunder or lightening though (my favorite!). It is a good storm and I'm happy to report the kids and I are doing very well even though the love of my life is away on business.

He did leave me in good hands though - Mike & Gene are here and they have been a HUGE blessing tying down trees, clearing the pool patio and protecting the orchids in the green house. All the stuff I am clueless about. In addition to that they have been the sole source of entertainment for my youngins'. The kids LOVE that the "boys" are home from work and they have been wrestling, tackling and tickling all morning. :-)

Which left me free to clean and organize 3 closets and the girls dresser!! I get this sick sense of accomplishment when the drawers and closets are neat an orderly. So right now I am on a huge high and can't wait to tackle the rest of the closets and dressers :-).


Battcave said...

Wow Jen, Did any of the water recede yet? Were you stuck on your street? Our street flooded the day of but the water was low again by morning. Praise the Lord you did not get any damage.

By the way I had met one of your neighbors over the summer. Her name is Laura and she actually lives across from you on the other road. I guess you would see the back of her house from yours. She is a teacher and just the sweetest thing.

I will see you at church. Stay dry.