Thursday, August 7, 2008

Orlando - Thursday

We had quite the day today...

It began when we woke up at 9:25 this morning and only because the phone was ringing. Sadly we slept through the free breakfast. If only my friend had called a few mnutes earlier :-)

Then we spent most of the rest of the day "exploring" and swimming. Ethan has made 2 friends. One from South Africa and another from England. The new friend from England asked my kids what their favorite food was. Sadie said Pasta - not too bad right? Ethan said Spanish food. Also not so bad but really Spanish food? I love Spanish food but I've never made it and I'm not sure Ethan has ever had I'm not so sure it's his favorite but Madison that girl is the one who really through me for a loop. Madison claims her favorite food is CAT! Yep cat!!! So which of my dear friends or family members has served her cat? Oh and by the way Madison is NEVER allowed to have dinner at your house again!!:-)

After that embarassing moment we came back to our room for a 3 hour nap. What a life!!!

Then to our surprise Brian got home a little earlier (6 instead of 8!). I had already feed the kids dinner but since Brian hadn't eaten yet we went for an evening walk and ended up at UNO. I ordered the 3 kids an ice cream Sundae and Brian ordered his meal. I claimed I wasn't Brian's meal and the 3 ice creams come. Ethan & Madison eyed Brian's broccoli and asked if they could have it. He said sure and passed it over to them. I drooled over his baked potato so he generously offered it to me. Sadie ate the 3 ice creams (with extra cherries) and Brian ate just a steak because shared his 1 meal with 4 famished family members - such a guy :-)

Can't wait to see what tomorrow has instore for us :-)


Nicole said...

Shhh Madison, your not to tell anyone what happens here! For you Jen:

Did you ever think when you eat Chinese,
It ain't pork or chicken but a fat siamese
Yet the food tastes great so you don't complain
But that's not chicken in your chicken chow mein
Seems to me I ordered sweet and sour pork
But Garfield's on my fork
He's purring here on my fork

There's a cat in the kettle at the Peking Moon
The place that I eat every day at noon
They can feed you cat and you'll never know
Once they wrap it up in dough, boy,
They fry it real crisp in dough

Chow Lin asks if I wanted more,
As he was dialling up his buddy at the old pet store
I said not today, I lost my appetite,
There's two cats in my belly and they want to fight
I was sucking on a Rolaids and a Tums or two
When I swear I heard it mew, boy
And that is when I knew

There's a cat in the kettle at the Peking Moon
I think I got to stop eating there at noon
They say that it's beef or fish or pork
But it's purring there on my fork
There's a hair ball on my fork

(Set to Cats in the Cradle)