Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Madison - 2 year Gotcha

2 years ago today we became the PROUD parents of this beautiful little girl!! This picture was taken just hours after she became ours.

Here is just a part of our baby girls "story"....

Madison was born to an 18 year old girl on May 31, 2003. At the tender age of 20 Madison ’s birth mom realized she was unable to care for Madison the way a mom cares for her child. She made a brave and difficult decision to give Madison up for adoption.

Madison was then adopted by a Florida family in mid 2005. She lived with this family for almost a year when the family realized they were not to be Madison ’s “forever” family but rather a bridge to unite Madison with her God ordained family.

That would be us! We learned about Madison and her situation on Wednesday August 16, 2006. Until this day Brian and I “thought” our family was complete. However, once we heard about Madison we knew INSTANTLY we were to move forward in faith.

We made contact with Madison ’s adoptive family on Saturday August 19, 2006 and were granted permission to meet Madison on Sunday August 20th.

Our meeting was blessing filled. I was able to feed Madi her breakfast and part way through she reached her arms out for a hug and puckered her lips for a kiss. She asked Brian to color with her and when asked by her previous family if she would like to spend a couple of days with us she nodded her head yes!

We took custody of Madison on Sunday August 20, 2006 and our life has been richly blessed as a result.

Today Madison is a bright, happy and dramatic little girl. She loves to dance and sing and be the center of attention. She loves deeply and has a sweet tender spirit.

We could not imagine life without her or any of our children!

We are SO thankful and humbled that the Lord saw fit for us to be the parents to these 3 amazing children. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Happy Gotcha Day Madison! We love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Gotcha Day sweet girl!!!!!