Thursday, August 7, 2008

16 Year Hook - Up Anniversary

Today is our 16 year Hook Up Anniversary!!

It all started in the summer of 1992. I had just graduated High School and I hadn't started College yet.

I was hanging out at Sticks & Stones (a pool hall) with 4 girlfriends. We were shooting pool on a qaurter table when Brian & his entouage came over. They asked if we wanted to play for the table. The 5 of us girls were up for the challange because we thought we were the "challange" and that the offer was just a ploy for those boys to hang out with us girls. Well you could just imagaine our surprise when we lost (BADLY) and those boys took our table with a smile and a polite goodbye!

Oh, I was beside myself!!

I continued to see Brian over the summer at Sticks and Stones and each time our eyes made contact I would glare at him or roll my eyes. It was NOT pleasent. I was quite bitter and even a little mean!

So on Sunday August 9, 1992 Brian decided it was time for a truce. He walked clear accross the pool hall to where I was with the same 4 girlfriends that I was with the first time he and I met.

We made eye contact and once again I greeted him with a look of disgust. He ignored the look and proceeded to introduce himself. I sarcastically told him I knew who he was. He embarrassly asked me my name. I told him and he moved on. I had those weird butterflies in my stomache so my friends and I decided to leave.

Brian chased me out the door. (really this IS a true story!) He was screaming my name "Jennifer". When I turned around he said "are you going to leave without saying goodbye'?. So I said goodbye and continued walking to my car (with LOTS of butterflies now). He followed me to my car and asked for my number....And I gave it to him. Crazy, I know!

He called me that night and asked if he could come over. What, really? It's 10pm and you want to come over? Just a few weeks ago you blew me off for a pool table and now after a few dirty looks and some mean words you want to come over... Well that was everything I wanted to say but didn't. Instead I said giggled and said "sure". So he came over that night and we talked until 5am -- we've been together ever since.

It's been an amazing 16 years and sometimes I still get those giggles and butterflies! Truly I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Happy Hook Up Honey.


April said...

16 years! Wow! Congrats =)
BTW, as the wife of one of those guys in Brian's entouage I mentioned to my husband that it had been 16 years and then told him how old that would've made me.
I am currently getting the silent treatment. ;) J/K

Jen said...

WOW! April I did the math and you weren't even in the double didgets. That is WILD!!!

I miss you and hope to catch up with you today. We're leaving tomorrow for another week then we'll be staying put for a bit.

Love ya!