Monday, August 18, 2008

1st Day Of School

Today was the 1st day of school for Sadie, Ethan & Madison. Sadie entered 1st grade and Ethan & Madison started Kindergarten.

The day was bitter/sweet for sure! I love to see them learn and do new things but boy is it hard to watch your babies grow up into little people. It's the most unfair part of parenting! I wish they could just stay small forever - yet I love the people they are becoming and I am really excited to watch them blossom this year!

Here's a pic of my Growing Garcia's on their 1st day of school. :-)

And here is a list of our 1st day of school bloopers...

1. We woke up late (6:30am instead of 6am) - Turned out ok. Still made it to school on time. :-)
2. BUT I forgot their lunch and snack in the refrigerator - thankfully I brought my checkbook so all of the kids bought snack/lunch today.
3. I promised the kids I would be the 1st car in the parent pick up line (my kids LOVE when I do that). But instead of being 1st I was DEAD LAST! They forgave me :-)
4. 1st day down - 2nd day called off due to Hurricane Fay. Bright Side: We can sleep in tomorrow :-)


Stephanie said...

I wish you all a great day tomorrow, the second day of school. All three of you look very cute. Love ya