Friday, October 31, 2008

Comparison Chart

This Comparison Chart is my FINAL political post.

I'm eager to get back to the fun family stuff. :-)

But as Americans we have the GREAT privilege of casting our vote for the next leader of our GREAT country. And we should at the very least place an educated vote.

So below you will find a comparison chart for both candidates. There is NO hoopla or persuasion about either. JUST FACTS.

Please take the time to do your research above and beyond this simple (but highly informational) chart and cast your vote for the candidate's platform you MOST STRONGLY support.

Florida Marriage Protection Amendment: McCain Supports Obama Opposes

Government ban on partial-birth abortions: McCain Supports Obama Opposes

Government funding of organizations that perform abortions: McCain Opposes Obama Undecided

Human Cloning: McCain Opposes Obama Supports

Adding "sexual orientation" to the definition of hate crimes: McCain Opposes Obama Supports

US Senate vote recommending Constitutional ban on flag desecration (vote #2006-189): McCain Supports Obama Opposes

Allow parents to use vouchers for school choice: McCain Supports Obama No response

Increase restrictions purchase and possessions of firearms: McCain Opposes Obama Supports

US Senate declaring English as the official language of the US Government (2007-198): McCain Supports Obama Opposes

US Senate votes confirming Samuel Alito for justice of the Supreme Court and John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: McCain Supports Obama Opposes

US Senate vote to permanently repeal the "death tax" (vote 2006-164): McCain Supports Obama Opposes

Flat tax structure: McCain Supports Obama Opposes


Anonymous said...

Yep! McCain has my vote.