Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday - The Arrival of Baby Chason

It's January 2008....only 9 short months ago:

My sister is very pregnant and calls with news of a "scheduled delivery". This is SO unlike my sister. She is a no meds, no docs, all natural with a mid wife kind of mom.

SO although this news was shocking it was SO exciting because I actually had time to get there!! I was so caught up in my selfish desire to see my nephew come into this world that I hardly took time to console my sister during this truly traumatic time in her life. (I'm still sorry Steph!)

My mom, my dad (have I ever mentioned just how GREAT they are) and I all hoped on a plane and made our way to PA.

BTW, a little OT side note here - I HATE THE COLD!!!! But God loves me and chooses to bless me over and over in really neat ways. Like, when we arrived in PA in January He kept the temp in the high 60's and low 70's. It was unheard of!! Oh and another side note, FL had record lows the week I was in PA! How Mighty is Our God?!

Ok, back on topic - we get to PA. The weather is beautiful, my niece and nephew are thrilled we are there. We go shopping , eat dinner, my dad starts his nesting immediately - cleaning and fixing every thing he can, my mom can't wait to get the kids all dirty and messy. And my sister and I get caught up as she prepares for her big day. Oh and my brother-in-law, Curtis is in the mix of all this somewhere.

We get up early (5am-ish) and make our way to the hospital. Shortly after arriving my sister is induced and we all eagerly await the arrival of Chason Michael Stumbaugh.

Hours go by, my sisters pain increases tremendously, her breathing becomes short and difficult. The entire morning comes & goes and my sister doesn't dilate AT ALL!! The doc comes in before lunch "just to check on her" and discovers the baby is coming - he is actually coming! And the docs lunch will have to wait!

My sister pushes just a few times and out comes the most beautiful thing I have ever seen....

A happy, healthy, plump baby boy.

This my friends is by far the coolest thing to ever witness and I will cherish that memory for as long as I live!!

Thank you for joining me on another GREAT Flashback!!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome flashback! And a really cool story! I have always wanted to attend a birth.

Stephanie said...

Thank you Jenny. It was awesome to be able to share such a miracle of life with you. Thank you for being by my side and making me laugh when I should have been crying. Let try not to trip again and throw sauce on each other. Love Ya.