Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Growing Garcia's Were Tagged

My sister tagged my kids.

She's asked me to post 6 random things about each of them and then tag their friends when done...

So here goes:


1. Madison's nick name is Hollywood. Those of you who know her know why :-)

2. She is VERY in touch with her emotions!

3. She is VERY girlie. She does not like to get dirty or sweat!

4. When she grows up she wants to be a mom to 5 girls. The only "boy" will be the daddy - a direct quote :-)

5. Her favorite color is pink.

6. Her favorite food is mac & cheese


1. Ethan is strong.
2. He is a hard worker.
3. He is most confident & comfortable when he is needed, depended on and feels utilized.
4. He is loyal.
5. He is tender hearted, kind and a true gentleman.
6. He loves being with his dad!


1. Sadie LOVES Jesus.
2. She loves to share her faith and Jesus' love for ALL people.
3. She loves unconditionally and forgives easily.
4. She LOVES to eat.
5. Her favorite color is purple.
6. She is HAPPY!

Now the Growing Garcia's tag:

1. All the Rockstars
2.The Clark's
3. Issy
4. Ancewicz Gang
5. Drew & Aiden


Brianisarockstar said...

That is a lot of rockstar related kid knowledge we are going to have to drop. I am getting writer's cramp .... ouch