Friday, October 3, 2008

Win WIn Situation

Ok Friends:

So you know I (it's suppossed to be the kids but let's face it, its REALLY me) collect box box tops as a school project.

I don't know why but it brings me a strange joy to paste those little guys on cute papers and submit them on behalf of my children...

Well now my girls are selling raffle tickets for their baton class.

Stay with me here...I have a point and I'm not going to ask you for money.

If you haven't learned by now I'm VERY competitive. I like (no, I LOVE to win) and now I (I mean my kids) have a chance to win twice.. BUT what's better is YOU have a chance to win too.

And not some little win but a big $300 win...

See here's the plan:All you folks out there that throw away the box tops that come on your Kleenex, betty crocker, pampers, hefty, ziplock, chex mix, and oh SO many more products now just need to give them to me and in return I will purchase 1 baton raffle ticket in your name and you will then be entered into a drawing worth $300 and many runner up prizes like gift baskets filled with stuff you can't live without.

Of course this IS a win win situation so I have to share what's in it for us. Should the girls sell the most raffle tickets they could win a baton bag, team uniform and a team jacket. And if their class happens collects the most box tops they could win an ice cream party. The stakes here friends are pretty high.

So please consider teaming up with me (I mean the Growing Garcia's) and let's claim victory in these competitions.


Jen said...

Here is the count so far:

Dave & Tawana and Mr. & Mrs Cohen have both been entered in the $300 raffle just for giving me their box tops :-)

Jen said...

I just purchased a raffle ticket for Kandace & David and Chris for their box top contribution :-)

Jen said...

Kim too has just been entered into the raffle valued at $300.

Many thanks for ALL the box tops.

You guys are AWESOME!

Jen said...

WOW!!! Erin & Les have just been entered.

You guys must like competion as much as me :-)

Jen said...

Congratulations Jill - I have just bought you a raffle tkt :-)