Monday, October 20, 2008

Thankful Monday

This post almost didn't make it today...I've been bedridden literally for 3 days. Thankfully I got my act together today and found my way to the docs...Hopefully the meds will kick in soon and I'll be on my feet again in no time.

Anyway, doing this Thankful post is really important to me and I have MANY things to be thankful for so with out further ado:

1. DOCTORS: I try to be a die hard but man am I glad to know they are there when I swallow my pride and admit I need their assistance!
2. My parents: The last 3 days were REALLY hard!! I truly could not get out of bed. My mom picked my kids up from school on Friday and kept them until bedtime. She collected my girls again on Saturday afternoon and kept them through Sunday evening. BTW, my dad is just as sick as me (maybe worse) yet they still insisted they keep the kids so I could rest. Parents, My Parents are truly a blessing!!
3. For my man! He may have harassed me the ENTIRE time I was in bed and teased me about not wanting to clean the garage BUT he stepped up. He did homework with the kids. Made them french toast for dinner treated them to Burger King and McDonald's. They had a grand time while I was down for the count.
4. Ah, and my forever loyal friend Nicole. She has just taken my girls to their baton class. Because although I'm out of bed and able to type I could be down and out without warning at anytime. What an embarrassment that would be! Nicole thank you for ALWAYS being there!!
5. Meds. Oh I'm so THANKFUL for meds. I can't wait for them to kick and to feel normal again!

I have many more but they'll have to wait until next Monday :-)

Please remember to leave a comment and share the things you are thankful for!


Anonymous said...

You are sick??? Can I do anything??

Jen said...

Girl you are SO sweet! The meds are doing the trick...BUt THANK YOU so much!!!