Friday, October 17, 2008

Flashback Friday - Sadie Surgery - Part 1

It's November 29, 2004 - Sadie and Ethan had been home just 3 short months. We were still VERY new to this thing called parenting and our daughter needed MAJOR surgery to repair her cleft palate!

Here she is with daddy just moments after surgery. Both are completely wiped out!

ALL her meals came through this syringe - for 2 weeks!!

After snuggling and eating she was bored stiff. She begged us to walk the hospitals floors. The docs and nurses were wildly impressed. Here she is just hours after her surgery.

Notice the arm bands - those were to keep her from putting her fingers in her mouth. And look closely at her face - you will notice the string on her left cheek. They sewed her poor tongue down :-(

The first surgery was only a partial closure of her cleft palate. Later in 2006 we made our way to Shands Medical Center were she had the remainder of her cleft repaired. (BTW, if ANYONE has a child with a cleft I HIGHLY recommend this hospital and our surgeon. Both are truly magnificent!)

I don't want to give too much of another Flashback away though - so stay tuned :-)

Happy Friday all.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. that is quite a flashback. She has changed so much!!! You would never know she had to go through all of that!