Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jen loves Brian 4-Ever

I do! I do! After all these years I *still* do!!

Before I get in to all the yummy details I have to explain myself a bit or you all will think I actually love gifts - and not my man.

Here's the thing, I love thoughtfulness and random acts of kindness. It could be taking a heavy load off my hands, or holding a door open, or remembering an important detail/activity in my life, doing something kind for my children. It's not really about gifts.

In fact, I am HORRIBLE at buying gifts. I try to be creative and think of the "perfect" gift for my love ones but always end up giving a picture frame, a candle or some smelly lotion.

My husband on the other hand is REALLY good at that sort of thing. Like when he sent me to the spa for the day, or when he bought me earrings the day I took my series 7 exam, or when he remembers I love peanut M & M's, or when he brings me back coffee from where ever he's been...

I know, I know, I'm rambling...

Anyway, the other day my husband was on amazon buying himself a new Bible. Because the 12 we have aren't enough. (OOPS, I forgot I was praising this man :-)

So while he was on Amazon he saw something he knew I would love and he bought it. There are no special occasions coming up and he didn't tell me when he did it. He just waited patiently for it to come in the mail. When it did (yesterday) he handed it to me and said I bought you something...

Are you dying to know what it is????

Ok, here you go.

Yep, a book written by Jon & Kate Gosselin. I didn't even know they had a book. But I love them, their show, their family and hope to one day be Kate's friend. :-)

For now, I will just enjoy their book.

Thank you honey for ALWAYS thinking with your heart. I love you.


Livin' out loud said...

I LOVE Jon & Kate!! Your man is SO cool!!

Anonymous said...

They have a book?? COOL!