Saturday, October 4, 2008

Flashback - Livin' the dream

(flashback idea borrowed from was September 2003. Brain I were just about to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and we were DINKS (double income no kids). I had my series 7 and was thriving in my career at a well known investment advisory firm. Brian was peaking in his career as well. We were traveling, eating out, spending time on our boat.We had a cute townhouse sitting on a pretty pond with a jaw dropping LOW mortgage payment of just $400 a month -including taxes and insurance. We had a fantastic dog, 2 cats and we were indeed living the dream...only it wasn't our dream!

We wanted more...SO MUCH MORE....we wanted in kids!

So we sold the cute townhouse and the boat, we built a home and in July 2004 I resigned from my potentially prosperous career, hopped on a planed, traveled 1/2 away around the world and became mommy to two of the most amazing children. Sadie and Ethan enriched, challenged and changed our life in SO many ways - for the better.

In 2006 we were once again living the dream...

We were happily married, in a comfortable home, I was a SAHM and drove a minivan. We had the "perfect" family 1 boy, 1 girl and a dog...What more could we want you ask? Well another child of course.

So in August of 2006 we added to our family again. A beautiful little girl named Madison...

Today our life is busy, sometimes chaotic even, usually loud, a little messy, a lot of fun, NEVER dull and if you ask me we are LIVING THE DREAM!

Thank you Courtney for inviting me to take this flashback. I wouldn't change a thing!!