Monday, August 10, 2009

English Camp

On the bus headed to Cieneguilla

Our amazing bus driver who succeeded in getting us to and from camp safely ~ which takes a professional and Divine Intervention :)

The beautiful resort where the English Camp was held.

Our sleeping quarters

Our first meal together

Many classes were taught on phrasal verbs, reading aloud, idioms and slang. There were also many classes taught on the Gospel such as the cost and rewards of the cross, what the cross meant to us, the salvation message and hope in Eternal Life.
The only *rule* at English Camp was ~you could not speak any Spanish and if you did you would need to sing in front of everyone. Well...EVERY American got busted at one point or another and had to sing. But not one Peruvian broke that one simple rule and therefor managed to keep their dignity.
We played at the park

We played soccer

And football

Shot some pool

And we made friends!!!