Monday, August 10, 2009

Peru ~ Reflections (Part One)

Oh where do I begin??

Brian and I have been home for a few days now and I am still processing all that the Lord has done with a bunch of gringos in a foreign country without a clue...

I have honestly been struggling with this post because there are just no words to adequately describe what we saw, felt or heard...

When Brian and I first got involved with this "mission" we "thought" it would be to meet the immediate physical needs (painting, fixing up someones home, working in an orphanage, offering medical care, etc) to the local Peruvians. While tending to their Spiritual needs as well.

However, a few months before the trip Rick received a divine Inspiration to host an English Camp.

I have to be honest ~ I (like many others on the team) was not overly thrilled. My main reason for signing up was because I wanted to love, rock and hold the orphans in the orphanage. THAT WAS ALL!!!

I had no desire to teach English!!

But, Brian and I had come to know and love Rick and his wife Beth and we trusted that the Lord had shared a special vision with Rick for a very special purpose. (

So we prepared accordingly and headed to Peru to set up camp...English Camp.