Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peru ~ Food Glorious Food

So below you will see just some of the many dishes we feasted on in Peru. Some were AMAZING and some were...well...NOT so amazing.

Take a look:

This dish was YUMMY!!!

SO YUMMY that we ate it twice

This one was not so yummy. It was beets and ham. I graciously shared mine with a friend.

This one was ok. Not bad. But not quite as AMAZING as the first dish.
This is BOOGER FRUIT! Yep, that's right booger fruit.
I *heard* it was good.

But the jury is still out...

Squid anyone?

Tiffany strictly posed for this picture - there was NO squid eating going on at our table.

Ms. Alex on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed her crab soup.

And Gaby braved the blood.

The food is Peru was definitely nothing as I expected. Some things were a little funky but most things were extremely flavorful and filling.


stephanie garcia said...

We just had lomo saltado (first two pictures) for lunch today, thanks to a Peruvian friend. We love it, yummy!!