Monday, August 3, 2009

Peru - English Camp – Immersed In English

Please see today's schedule and know we are SO thankful for your prayers.

English Camp – Immersed In English

• 2:30 Arrive – Settle in to Room
• 3:00 Introduction – Rules & Guidelines
• 3:30 Ice Breaker – Gabbing Groups & Scavenger Hunt
• 4:00 First Lecture – Comparative Religions
• 4:45 Break Time All
• 5:00 Small Groups – Comparative Religions
• 5:30 Food Preparation English – How To Make A Sandwich Terms & Phrases
• 6:15 Dinner – Sandwiches & Chips
• 7:30 Evening Worship
• 8:00 Movie – Facing The Giants
• 10:00 Small Groups – Reflection On Facing The Giants
• 10:30 Team Reflections & Worship
• 11:00 Lights Out

*Remember to see comments for updates.


Anonymous said...

good morning all -

just a quick note to say we are all doing well. we had a good nights rest (5 hours), an authentic breakfast (orange eggs & sausage), LOTS of coffee and we are now preparing to catch our bus and head to the english camp. we are expecting to spend 3 full days immeresed in english with the locals. the camp is intense and no spanish is allowed - that works out well for all us :).

some of us are being taken far from are comfort zones and strentched in challenging ways. however, we are so blessed when we submit to those promptings by the Holy Spirit. please pray that we continue to be sensitive and obidient to the Lord´s leading that we speak to the hearts and souls of these people.

the hearts are tender and ripe here. your prayers are coveted the next 3 days. we are certain that the Lord has great things to accomplish.

we do not know what the internet acess will be at the camp. so we may not be able to post again until wed night.