Sunday, August 9, 2009

Things I learned

Here are some things I learned about the crazy team we sent to Peru.

1. Brian ~ takes the agenda VERY seriously

2. Jeff ~ takes Brian’s agenda VERY seriously

3. John Silvas ~ you can’t believe a word he says. NOT ONE WORD

4 .Maria ~ is 75 and she can do whatever she wants because she's 75 and because she is Maria

5. Andrew ~ is quite the rapper and suffer dude. Strange combo but it works for him...

6. Dave ~ he isn’t so quiet after all

7. Bev ~ is from Canada

8. Gabby ~ can sleep anywhere and when she’s awake she is extorting money from someone

9. Les ~ is big and handsome and loves himself!!! Oh and he’s 99% Peruvian but so sad for him the other 1% of him lives in America.

10. Wes ~ is a human version of a guardian angel

11. Joe ~ is TOP KNOTCH security detail

12.John H. ~ should be an art teacher

13. Meagan ~ has a tattoo (who knew?)

14. Steffany ~ is a Diva and her next mission trip will be in Beverly Hills

15.Kim Brown ~ can out belch ANYONE.

16.Tiffany ~ is refreshing!

17.Laura ~ will eat all things Peruvian EXCEPT guinea pig...

18.Linda ~ real, honest, and lives her faith daily

19.Marcia ~ has quite the sense of humor

20.Dian ~ is great under pressure

21.Susan ~ is stronger than she thinks

22.Candy ~ was baptized in Peru. How cool is that??

23.Alex ~ attracts fans like a Hollywood star

24.Pastor Teddy ~ is one heck of a sport commentator

25.Jen ~ loved, loved, loved, getting to know everyone

26. Rick H. ~ knows every word and motion of Father Abraham. And does them well :)