Sunday, August 2, 2009

Peru - Church & Worship

Today's schedule:

8:00 Wake Up & Showers
8:30 Team (Value) Devotional & Worship
9:00 Breakfast at Bible College
10:00 Leave For Church
11:00 Worship & Church Service

1:30 Church Ends – Leave for Peruvian Lunch
2:00 Lunch @ Chifa
7:00 English Evening Service

9:00 English Service Ends Return to Bible College
10:00 Reflections & Worship
10:30 Lights Out

Please know we covet your prayers.

*Remember to check the comment section for updates.


Nicole said...

You will love the Peruvian Lunch! Stay warm and safe.

Kathy said...

Hope your first day in Peru was wonderful and blessed. Thinking of you all. Please tell Jeff "hi".

Anonymous said...

Well it is 6:00 pm our time. Its been a long and great day and we're still going. This morning we walked 2 1/2 to 3 miles (45 minutes) to the church. Kim did a great job leading worship and Teddy a great job teaching. After the service we went and ate Chinese food at an authentic Chinese restaurant here in Lima Peru.An unexpected "tradition" here in Lima.

Tonight were joining Rick and Beth's and their HF group. We are looking forward to meeting meeting the Peruvians that will be joining us at the camp. The camp is now full and God is already showing us that He has wonderful things in store for us.

The days are a beautiful 60ish and the nights are a chilling COLD.

We are functioning right now on about 3 hours of sleep and fueled soley by the Holy Spirit.

Thanks you all for your continued prayers and support.

We will continue to keep you all updated as time allows.