Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Peru - FINAL DAY @ English Camp – Immersed In English

Today's "schedule" as "planned".

Please keep the prayers coming. Today is the Day Of Salvation!

• 7:00 Wake Up – Showers
• 7:30 Team (From Conviction to Encouragement) Devotional & Worship
• 8:00 Small Groups – From Conviction to Encouragement
• 8:30 Breakfast
• 9:30 Morning (Rewards of the Cross) Devotion & Worship
• 10:30 English Seminar Part 2
o Fun With Riddles
o Reading Out Loud
o Slang & Idioms
o Phrasal Verbs, Reading Aloud, & Simon Say’s
• 11:00 Soccer
• 12:00 Drama In English –
• 12:30 Gospel Invitation – Altar Call
• 1:00 Lunch All
• 1:30 Immersed In English – Baptismal Invitation
• 2:00 Leave for Lima / Return to Bible College
• 3:30 Arrive at Bible College from English Camp – Free Time Till Dinner
•5:30 Dinner @ Bible College
• 6:30 Free Time @ Bible College
• 8:30 Team Refection & Worship
• 9:30 Lights Out Missions Team

Please see comments for additional updates.


Anonymous said...

Well guys, the English camp ended today and if you were wondering what God can do when you spend 2 1/2 days teaching 45 Peruvians English using the Bible as your text book the answer simply is more then anyone of us could have ever imagined. As camp ended today and the team reflected on the impact it had on each one of our lives, we were simply in awe that 18 individuals accepted Jesus Christ as there Lord and Savior, numerous individuals rededicated their lives and seven came forward to baptized.

Tomorrow we are going to Bentallia and Pachcutec, Pachcutec is one of the poorest regions in Lima (They do not have running water). We will be helping building a church there, visiting an orphanage, and tomorrow night we will be participating in a local VBS that will be offered to all the children in Bentallia and Pachcutec.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


The Team.....

Nicole said...

Thinking of you! We are leaving in the morning with no news of Emma Paige. Call you when we get back next week.
Nic and Family