Saturday, August 22, 2009

Somebody Stop Me...

...I'm turning into my parents!!!

When I was kid Saturday mornings were dedicated to chores.

I dreaded Saturday's. I dreaded chores.

And I swore when I grew up I would NEVER EVER make my kids spend their Saturday mornings cleaning.

It was wrong and mean and just down right torture on a poor child!

Well its Saturday...

and Sadie is mopping

while Madison cleans the grout - with a toothbrush!!!

and both the girls are folding laundry

What have I become???

A mother who loves her children SO much that she hopes to train them to be great spouses and parents.

*note, Ethan was also doing chores, but they were outside with daddy and no pics were captured. Next Time. :)


Heidi Reed said...

that rocks! i just started chores with brianna. she has to take the dirty clothes (hers & Jeremy's) to the laundry room and sort them every day. she has to keep her room "clean". she has to take off her uniform and put it neatly on her bed every day after school. i told her if she does these things she will get $1 a week. child labor is back in style! ;)

April said...

When I was a kid, I use to do forced chores too and hated it. As I got older and it was just me and my Dad I didn't mind as much. But I can tell you that here at my house now when we spend an afternoon with assigned jobs and loud music blaring, we all kind of love it. Everyone helps out. Sometimes we assign teams and see who finishes first. But I think the key is the *LOUD* music blasting that we all sing along to. ;)